6 mistakes in the garden that are most often made

Before you start gardening, think about the layout of the area or hire a landscape designer to help you do it right. You need to plan not only the location of flower beds and trees but also the location of plants depending on the flowering time – otherwise, holes may form in the area at some point. Pay attention to the flowers that bloom all summer (during the peak of the summer season) – they will save you from accidental mistakes with the choice of plants.

1. Not thinking through landscape design

What grows well in the southern regions may not take root in the middle zone. In addition, it is worth taking into account the characteristics of the soil, the location of the site, and the specific flower bed. To make your task as easy as possible, choose the most unpretentious flowers (we counted more than 20 types !). If you do not live in the south, take a closer look at winter-hardy plants so that you don’t have to renew the area every season.

2. Ignore terrain features

A variety of fauna can spoil the appearance of your garden. Find out in advance who is capable of disturbing you and how to deal with them.

3. Forget about pests

If you don’t want branches to rub against walls and climb into windows, plant trees a couple of meters away from the house. By the way, in addition to purely everyday inconveniences, trees can significantly damage a house – their roots can damage the foundation, and their branches can damage the roof.

4. Planting trees too close to buildings

Lack of watering, aeration, and improper care threaten your lawn with dry grass, bald spots, and pests. Be sure to study the rules for lawn care and do not forget that some problems are quite easy to fix – for example, you can sow grass onto an already green lawn.

5. Don’t care for the lawn

Little things often make all the difference. Don’t forget to trim bushes, trim tree branches, and control weeds. These simple steps will make the area look perfect.

6. Neglect neatness