How to make a sewer system in your country house DIY

The sewerage system depends on whether intra-house communications are used. A simple garden house intended for seasonal use is rarely equipped with plumbing. In this case, the amount of waste is small. As a rule, they dig a cesspool under them, install a barrel with a hatch, or make a structure from concrete rings. According to the schedule, a sewage disposal truck arrives in the village and pumps out. This service is paid. You will need to make a small contribution for a certain period.

Prefabricated system elements

– Barrels and wells with a hard, impenetrable bottom. – Filter shafts in which waste is purified by passing through the bottom and dispersed into the ground. – Containers where filtration and breakdown of particles contained in a liquid occur. There are biological treatment stations, after which the water can be used for household needs.

Equipment used on sites

The riser is assembled from pipes made of one material – cast iron, plastic, or steel. Cast iron does not combine well with plastic and metal – it can crush them. Steel can damage the PVC surface. The parts are connected through sockets. Walls of different thicknesses are difficult to connect.

Installation of internal communications and exhaust

The channels connecting the riser with storage and treatment plants must comply with the requirements. The materials for them are plastic, cast iron, and asbestos cement. Diameter – from 10 cm. At the end of the product, there may be connecting sockets. Smooth surfaces are joined using coupling joints. To understand how to make a sewer system in a cottage with your own hands, you need to look at how the elements of an apartment riser fit together. The connection principle is the same.

Requirements for external communications

Its choice depends not only on the required level of cleaning but also on the area of ​​the site. If the area is small, only compact models can be installed. Complex multi-level schemes are suitable for large areas. To finally figure out how to make a sewer system in a country house, you need the help of a specialist.

How to properly position underground equipment

Filter wells They differ from a regular cesspool in the absence of a hard, impenetrable bottom. Instead, an embankment is made of crushed stone, brick fragments, and other construction waste. Passing through it, the stream is purified. Once in the soil, it no longer poses a danger to it. The height of the embankment is from 0.5 to 1 m.

Sewerage installation at the cottage without pumping

It consists of two chambers connected by an overflow sleeve. The first chamber has a hard, impenetrable bottom. It acts as a sump. The solid particles in it fall down, and the clarified liquid gradually flows into the second compartment. It does not have a hard bottom. Instead, a filter embankment was made, through which the flow goes into the ground. The quality will increase if aerobic bacteria are introduced into the first chamber. To prevent them from suffocating, you need to install a pump that supplies air inside.

Construction of septic tanks

It is suitable for any soil, regardless of its moisture content. Devices vary in the number of cameras and their purpose. The compartments are located in one housing with an opening lid. The flow goes through several stages: – Settling basin – large solid particles settle in it. – An aeration tank is a reservoir with bacteria that convert contaminants into sludge. The fresh air needed by the bacteria is supplied by a compressor. An air inlet valve is installed externally. – Filter section – in it the liquid flow is separated from the sludge. – Additional chamber for finer cleaning. The station must be constantly running – otherwise, the bacteria will not be able to receive recharge and will die. Substances that could harm them should not be discharged into the drain.

Biological treatment station