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6 IKEA accessories that will make your home smarter

Remote switches, smart sockets, motion sensors, and other gadgets will make everyday life more comfortable.

Smart technologies are not always expensive and complicated. If you want to make your home more comfortable and technically equipped, start small. For example, replace regular outlets with ones that can be connected using a remote control. Add a motion sensor and collect control of all devices in one application. All this will not only simplify your life but also help save electricity. 

1. Roller blackout blind “Fyrtur”

The gray curtain protects from sunlight and is controlled by a remote control. You can adjust its position without going to the window. Or program it so that it opens and closes itself at the same time. This is convenient if you have a regular daily routine. To set a schedule, download a special application to your smartphone.

And because the curtain does not have a classic cord, it is safe for children – a child will not be able to jerk it sharply and accidentally drop the structure on themselves.

2. Motion sensor “Tradfri”

This accessory will help you save on electricity bills – the light will turn on only when someone enters the room. A wireless sensor detects any movement and automatically turns on the lighting when you need it. Another plus: the system is not afraid of high humidity, so it is suitable for the bathroom.

3. Controlled socket “Tradfri”

You can turn the power to this outlet on and off with the remote control. This way you activate electrical appliances only when needed. And not necessarily in your presence. For example, you can boil the kettle before returning from work, run the laundry while away from home, or turn off a forgotten iron.

Remote control of sockets not only simplifies everyday life but also saves electricity, because household appliances that are not disconnected from the network continue to consume energy.

4. Signal amplifier “Tradfri”

Thanks to this small gadget, you can control smart systems even at long distances and through thick walls. With a signal amplifier, any remote control will work uninterruptedly at a distance of up to 10 meters or in a room through a wall. At the same time, when the amplifier is plugged in, you do not lose the powerpoint – the device has a connector for the charging cord or laptop.

5. Remote control “Styrbar”

The device allows you to control several lighting sources at once: for example, brighten the light from table lamps or dim a ceiling lamp. This makes it easy to maintain a comfortable level of illumination and quickly change lighting scenarios. In addition to intensity, you can choose the shade of light: warm or cool.

6. Network control unit “Tradfri”

All smart accessories from IKEA in your home are connected to this device: sockets, blinds, light bulbs, and speakers. After that, you can manage each of them in one application on your smartphone. This is very convenient if you need to quickly remotely launch or disable several gadgets at once. 

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