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Common Cause of Sewer Smell in the Toilet and How to Eliminate It

One of the reasons why the smell enters the room from the sewer is the corrugated adapter with loops (petals) that connects the toilet to the riser tee. Most often, such an adapter is simply inserted with loops into the tee and left in this position.

During operation, the loops of the adapter stick together, as a result of which the tightness of the connection is damaged, which is the cause of the sewer smell.

You should not waste time trying to cover the joint with the same silicone or similar materials. The problem can be solved more simply and permanently.

How to eliminate sewer smell

From the 110th pipe, we cut a ring with a width equal to the distance from the penultimate petal to the beginning of the pipe. In our case, it is 4.5 cm.

We put the resulting ring on the petals of the corrugation until it stops in the pipe and make sure that the last loop remains free.

Carefully insert the adapter with the ring into the riser tee until it stops, making sure that the o-ring is in place.

To ease the effort, you can use a special lubricant for assembling PVC pipes or just soapy water. Before installing the toilet, insert your hand into the adapter and make sure that the loops are not wrapped. This simple life hack will once and for all eliminate one of the causes of sewer odor.

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