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Decorative fireplaces: no soot and smoke

A real wood-burning fireplace is a pleasure that not everyone can afford. But if you want to, then you can! Take a closer look at these wonderful imitations and choose your soul-warming option. The warm atmosphere in the house is worth a sweat.

1. With the colors of summer and an armful of firewood

You can safely use plywood to cover a decorative fireplace portal, and a narrow kitchen countertop made of chipboard as a fireplace mantel. First, pieces of plywood are attached to a frame made of wooden slats, then the flat facade is covered with slats, and only after that everything is painted in the desired color. If you use relief moldings instead of slats, the fireplace will take on a more sophisticated look. The final touch is placing dry firewood into the improvised firebox.

2. Simple forms – simple execution

A fireplace in the form of a standing table made of boards is within the capabilities of even a novice craftsman. By alternating narrow and wide stripes, you can achieve the effect of brick “masonry” on the legs of the stand. If you place a mirror on the mantelpiece, the candlelight will be beautifully reflected in it.

3. Aristocratic option

Instead of buying an expensive fireplace portal, you can limit yourself to an elegant shelf, installing it above a niche in the wall. The result is a fairly realistic imitation of an antique fireplace. 

4. The beauty of natural wood

Cheap and cheerful – do not create a voluminous fireplace portal, but cover part of the wall with wooden planks, leaving a “window” at the bottom for the firebox. All that remains is to nail the mantelpiece and lay a row of tiles on the floor.

5. Metallic shine

To cover the façade of this fireplace, the metal cladding of an old bus was used, although it can easily be replaced with sheets of metal profiles. In the niche-firebox, it is worth placing candles of different heights in a row. This will create the effect of a blazing fire. 

6. Continued repairs

If you still have wallpaper after renovation, do not throw it away under any circumstances. They are useful for creating an imitation of a fireplace on a protruding part of the wall.

7. Very realistic wallpaper

Believe it or not, the “firewood” and “wooden” trim on the top of this fireplace are nothing more than high-quality photo wallpaper. They are so realistic that even up close they look “lifelike.” If you cannot find suitable wallpaper, order a large-format print with your design. Then, even with a standard decorative portal made of polyurethane, your decorative fireplace will look exclusive. 

8. Facade work

A fireplace made from cabinet fronts or other pieces of furniture looks simply amazing! It doesn’t need any additional decor, but lighting will come in handy. 

9. The story of the old chest of drawers

The simplest option for creating a fireplace is to decorate an old chest of drawers by removing excess drawers and “finishing” the chimney. To line the chimney, you can use ceiling tiles made of polystyrene foam (the width is selected so that you do not have to cut the tiles). In the combustion part of the fireplace, there are shelves for books, firewood, or decorative items.

10. Home showcase

A fireplace, stylized as an exhibition of decorative items, can also be made of plywood and wood. Candles here are only needed on the top shelf, so the risk of fire is no greater than when using a candlestick on a wooden table. 

11. Corner fireplace

It doesn’t matter at all what the fireplace portal is made of, the main thing is that the firebox is lined with brick. Then no one will doubt the solidity of this piece of furniture.

12. Stickers or wall art

There are ready-made wall stickers with the image of a fireplace portal. But you can do it even simpler and draw your dream fireplace on the wall yourself. To do this, use stencils or pencil sketches, which are then painted over in the desired color.

13. Two suns in one

The warm yellow color and the fire “blazing” in the fireplace will create the effect of two suns. It’s a good idea to paint the surface of the firebox with slate paint, on which you can paint whatever you want.     

14. Inspired by a fairy tale

Does this remind you of anything? But it doesn’t cost anything to draw a hearth you like on thick fabric. You will get an original panel or rug, suitable for a room in a rustic style. 

15. Solid approach

A good-quality fireplace portal is made of only one brick, which is why the firebox cannot accommodate logs. Therefore, firewood is not placed in it, but a plywood sheet with glued woodcuts is attached. It looks so believable that no one will even guess about this innocent trick.

16. Mirror effect

Mirrors are often used in false fireplaces. They are installed straight or at an angle, trying to achieve multiple reflections of the candle lights for a more mesmerizing spectacle.

17. The game is worth the candle

If you use candles to decorate your fireplace, you need to make sure that it is made of fireproof materials. You can get options for compositions with candles from this selection:

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