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House on high stilts: ideal for steep slopes and marshy areas

At the heart of this project was the dream of creating a place where people could relax in nature without sacrificing comfort. And the beautiful clearing was perfect for implementing the idea. This is how a unique hotel appeared with wooden tree houses, each of which has Egyptian cotton textiles, flower aromas, bathrooms with designer ceramics, and underfloor heating – and all this in the forest, far from civilization. The construction site inspired the project’s authors to be creative, and free from restrictions and stereotypes. 

Architecture and decoration: in harmony with nature

The concept helps guests rediscover their “I”. There is no radio or television here, only good books, silence, and the rustling of trees. Interaction with nature is not just empty words here.

The old tree “grows” through the terrace, creating complete harmony between the architectural structure and nature.

The architecture of the buildings creates an impressive contrast with the typical cottages characteristic. Four 13-meter-long parallelepipeds made of wood and glass are placed in the forest, seemingly in a chaotic manner, but this is a harmoniously completed composition. They seem to float three and a half meters above the ground between the trees, leaning on steel columns. To get to the houses, you need to climb a light metal staircase leading first to the terrace and then to the living quarters. Having climbed the stairs, guests first find themselves on the terrace. The facades and interiors of the houses are covered with larch – a practical material that is resistant to any weather conditions. Thanks to the use of only wood, metal, and glass in construction, a healthy microclimate is always maintained in houses. In combination with clean forest air, relaxing in an unusual hotel in the trees gives the effect of relaxation and healing. Thanks to the large windows, in the evening the wooden treehouses look like magic lanterns lost in the forest. In the evenings, wooden tree houses look especially charming. Designed and built using the latest technology, they provide guests with maximum comfort at any time of the year.

Interior design: simplicity and conciseness

The simple, laconic interior design impresses with its high-quality workmanship. In each house, guests have at their disposal a cozy bedroom for two, a stylish bathroom, and a day area with a living room and a kitchen-dining room – if necessary, it can accommodate several more people for the night.

Each living-dining room is furnished with furniture from a German factory and equipped with an ergonomic kitchen with modern appliances. 


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