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How to buy a house or apartment – 5 bad advice you shouldn’t follow

1. Study the apartments, the areas are all the same

By focusing all your attention on the parameters of the apartment, you can find a real treasure: spacious, bright, and renovated. It’s okay if there are abandoned construction sites and garage complexes outside the windows. In the meantime, you are taking your child to school, which is an hour from home, and you will have time to discuss safety rules on the street. Have you heard such advice?

If serious

Choose new housing based on the characteristics of the area. It is not necessary to choose an expensive apartment in the center. But it is important to look at the negative parameters: factories, abandoned houses, highways, garage complexes. And correlate them with positive parameters: the presence of parks, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, low crime rates, and proximity to the metro.

2. Is the apartment being sold by proxy? Don’t study it in detail

The seller showed a power of attorney from the owner, he is his great-nephew and is helping the old man sell the apartment. It’s unlikely that anything can go wrong. Just skim the power of attorney for the sake of decency.

If serious

When buying a home, you need to carefully check the documents. For example, a power of attorney may turn out to be fake. The authenticity of the document must be checked. It is also worth asking the owner to meet in person at least once. Also, make sure that the seller’s passport details match those indicated in the power of attorney. And that he is authorized to sell housing, and not just sign documents for someone.

3. It doesn’t matter that the apartment is in poor condition, the main thing is that it’s your own

After a week of tedious searching, I finally found something suitable for the price and in a good area. True, pipes are being replaced near the house and passers-by said that there are frequent problems with communications, and there is graffiti and bottles in the entrance. And the apartment itself has not seen any renovation since the 1980 year. But updating the ceiling and walls is not so difficult, and garbage and old furniture can be removed in an hour. The main thing is that now I have my own home.

If serious

The condition of the house and the housing itself is a very important parameter when purchasing, which may be a reason to abandon it. A beautiful central area does not compensate for problems with neighbors and hot water outages. Cosmetic repairs in such housing are not enough. The cost of redoing ceilings, bathrooms, wiring, and coatings can be close to the price of the apartment. It is better to spend more time looking for a more comfortable option if you need to move in immediately.

4. The former owners did an interesting redevelopment, that’s a plus

The balcony is combined with the bedroom and there are no inconvenient ledges between them. A bathtub was installed in the bedroom, and a panoramic window was installed in the kitchen. There will be a reason to brag to neighbors who do not have such luxury.

If serious

Carefully inspect the entire apartment and check it with the registration certificate. If redevelopments have been carried out, they must be approved. Changes that cannot be agreed upon will still have to be returned to the correct form. 

5. The seller inherited the apartment and wants to sell it quickly

I was very lucky to meet a seller who inherited an excellent apartment and wants to sell it as quickly as possible. His family lives in Bali and he needs to return to them as soon as possible, so the price is below the market average. This kind of luck should not be missed.

If serious

You need to be careful when purchasing housing received as a gift or inheritance. The urgency of the transaction and the low price often indicate that at any moment someone can go to court and challenge the seller’s right to the apartment. This right remains with the heirs for three years. It is better not to take risks and not buy such housing. 

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