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How to easily sharpen a saw

A simple and accessible way for everyone to sharpen a saw or hacksaw for wood with your own hands. There is no need to explain how important a good tool is for a true master. And for the saw to be constantly in use, the master must not only be able to use it but also be able to sharpen it if it suddenly becomes dull.
In some cases, the saw is supplied by the manufacturer without any sharpening at all:

Sharpening the saw with a file

To sharpen the saw you will need a triangular file.
We clamp the hacksaw blade in a vice and at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, we begin sharpening each tooth one by one. First, we sharpen through one on one side, then we turn the blade over and sharpen the teeth on the other side.

This is the most common and accessible way to sharpen saw teeth.

If you do not have such wealth as a vice, then you can easily hold the saw in your hand.

Perform all sharpening operations wearing mittens or protective gloves.

The work is painstaking and requires skill. But you will get the hang of it very quickly and won’t even notice how you finish the last tooth of the saw. The saw is now sharpened:

This is visible.

We check sharpening in an accessible way – by sawing off the board.

It cuts well, the cut is even.

You can also use needle files for sharpening.
I repeat, the work is very painstaking and requires perseverance. I recommend getting rid of all distracting sources so that nothing distracts you from your work.
Of course, when using a power tool, the applied forces and time can be significantly reduced, but as already mentioned, this is the simplest and most affordable way to sharpen a hacksaw blade.

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