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How to Make a Cheap Drip Irrigation System

Many articles have been written and many videos have been filmed about the usefulness and effectiveness of drip irrigation. The main advantage of such a system over watering from a watering can or hose is that the water is supplied directly to the roots of the plant. Without wasting time between rows. Another version of such a system, made from scrap materials, will be discussed in this article.

Making a simple and effective drip irrigation system from PET bottles

The basis for the homemade product will be 5-liter plastic bottles. In addition to these, you will also need earsticks. To implement a drip irrigation system, these items will require minimal modification.

The earsticks must be cut into two halves with scissors. For ease of further use, they should be sharpened using the same scissors. You can cut off the top of a 5-liter bottle. This will make it more convenient to fill it with water during further use. A hole is drilled in the bottom of the bottle in order to insert the prepared ear stick into it. Since its tip is pointed, it will easily fit into the drilled hole.

The time has come to test the system in action. Immediately after filling the bottles with water, the ear sticks started dripping. The intensity of the drip can be adjusted by deepening or removing the sticks from the bottle. If you insert them deeper, the drops will fall less often. And vice versa.

The drip irrigation system is ready. The final tests will be carried out in a greenhouse. The cucumber seedlings are just starting to grow actively there. They simply need stable watering. Before installing irrigation, you need to adjust the desired water dripping speed. If necessary, you can always reduce the drops by pushing the stick deeper into the bottle. This system must be installed with the dripping side facing the plant stem.

What are the main advantages of this design? The costs of its production are so small that they can be neglected. Manufacturing does not require any special skills or tools; anyone can make such a homemade product. The design is reliable, there is nothing to break in it. Filling the system with water will not be difficult. To do this, it does not need to be disassembled or moved.

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