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How to Make a Cheap Swimming Pool

You can plant your plot with trees and potatoes and then constantly spend energy caring for them, or you can use the territory in a more interesting way, for example, by digging a swimming pool. It’s not as expensive as it seems. You can even spend pennies on its construction, and then swim in warm water all summer long.


  • Edged board;
  • timber 50×50 mm;
  • nails;
  • wire;
  • used PVC banners;
  • polyethylene film;
  • Staples.

Pool construction process

Once you have decided on the size of the pool, you need to mark its boundary on the site. Pegs from the slats are driven into the corners. To make the pool bowl rectangular, the distance between them must be equal along both diagonals.

Boards are screwed or nailed to the pegs. It is required to assemble a box with a height of 60 cm. The rows of the frame are additionally connected by slats. You will also need to check the level of the box so that when filling the bowl with water, some sides do not end up higher than others.

Then you need to hammer stakes outside the frame and tie them to the box with wire braces. This is necessary so that the soil does not squeeze into the pit until water is poured in.

After this, you need to dig a pit in the box. At the same time, the earth is thrown over the sides to cover them. Stretches will allow the box not to bend under the weight of the soil.

Then you should sheathe the frame from the inside of the used banners to smooth out the sharp corners of the boards and the steps between them. Instead of advertising tents, white bags, agro textiles and other similar materials are suitable.

The pool is sealed with thick polyethylene film. To do this, you need to roll it out and solder it. It is soldered with a regular iron through fabric. To do this, the film is folded overlapping, and ironed at the junction from above.

The finished large canvas is placed on the bowl, and straightened into the corners, after which the edges are pressed down behind the sides with boards. The pool can then be filled with water. While it accumulates, it is better to cover the soil with mulch or turf. This is necessary so as not to create a swamp from splashes.

In a couple of days, the water in the pool will warm up and you can swim in it comfortably. To prevent algae outbreaks, you should throw pool tablets into the bowl; they will prevent the water from turning green. A budget filter wouldn’t hurt either. You can do it yourself. The price is an aluminum can, a circulation pump for heating, sand, and a couple of meters of hose.

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