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How to make a laser level from a cheap laser pointer

Instead of purchasing an expensive laser level in a store, such a device can be easily assembled using a household cordless drill, a standard bolt, a piece of mirror, and an ordinary laser pointer. Such work can be done by any adult since it does not require special knowledge, professional skills, or high costs.

Will need


  • cordless drill;
  • clamp with screw fastening;
  • plastic tube;
  • extended standard bolt;
  • laser pointer ;
  • strip of mirror;
  • universal super glue.

Tools: hand screwdriver, drill press, glass cutter, spray degreaser, bubble level.

The process of making a laser level using a drill, laser pointer, and mirror

We cut off the threaded part from the pipe clamp with screw fastening and secure it to the body of the cordless drill, tightening the coupling screws using a hand screwdriver. The base of the screw should be directed vertically upward.

We fixed an elongated standard bolt in the drill chuck with the head facing outward. At the ends of the plastic tube, we drill one through hole for the diameter of the base of the clamp screw, and the second for the outer diameter of the laser pointer body.

We put a plastic tube with drilled holes on the base of the clamp screw, and insert a laser pointer into the second hole, pointing the radiation source vertically down.

Using a glass cutter, cut a small rectangular piece from the mirror strip and glue it to the bolt rod under the laser pointer using universal super glue. Clean the surface of the mirror from dirt using an aerosol-degreasing agent.

In principle, our homemade laser level is ready for its intended use. To do this, turn on the laser pointer and supply power to the drill. Laser radiation, falling on a rotating mirror, casts a visual laser line on a vertical or horizontal surface, which will be clearer the higher the speed the drill develops.

The degree of accuracy of our homemade laser level can be checked on some objects, such as a TV screen, precision mounted on the wall, or using a building bubble level.

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