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How to make a mouse trap from a plastic bucket

A mouse or rat in a house is a very unpleasant guest. Especially for those who love animals and are not ready to kill them. Modern methods will help you get rid of a rodent easily, using mousetraps and poisonous agents. But what if you are not ready to take responsibility for even the slightest loss of life?

Then try making a very simple mouse trap. And then release the animal free, away from your home.

What you need

  • any thick cardboard;
  • stick or twig;
  • old bucket;
  • two planks-ladders;
  • glue or glue gun;
  • scissors or stationery knife;
  • bait (cheese, sausage, etc. goodies).

How to make a simple mouse trap

Cut a circle out of cardboard slightly smaller than the top of the bucket.

In the middle we glue a stick, twig, piece of wire, or other straight line using glue, a glue gun, or tape.

We fix the structure in the bucket. You can drill holes so that a straight line fits into the walls of the container, or you can secure it in any other way. The main thing is that the structure can rotate.

We attach bait to the lid – any tasty and aromatic food. This could be a piece of cheese, bread, sausage, smoked meat, nuts, etc. It is best to glue them so that they do not fall into the bucket.

We attach any two planks to the trap that the animal can climb on. On one or both sides, it doesn’t matter.


The mouse will climb up the improvised ladder, run along the moving lid to the treat, and simply fall inside the bucket. Mouse won’t be able to get back out. And you just take it away from your home.

The design is very simple, and the result is truly impressive. In such a “live trap” you can catch several mice and rats at once, and only then decide whether to release them or do something else.

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