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How to make a warm dog house with Wi-Fi control

To keep your pet healthy and happy, it is important to provide him with a warm, comfortable kennel. The proposed design of the booth allows for minimizing the care of the dog. You will be able to set up its heating via WiFi from anywhere in the world, and besides, you will forget forever about changing the bedding.

What you will need:

  • Bar 50×50 mm;
  • board 25×100 mm;
  • expanded polystyrene 50 mm;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • lining;
  • thermostat with Wi-Fi
  • film heated floor
  • wires;
  • corrugated sheeting;
  • dye.

The process of building a warm dog house

For the booth to be dry, it needs to be installed on a simple foundation. It will serve as support made of aerated concrete, cinder block, or other material. They are laid on the ground and leveled.

A timber frame is assembled on the supports. The base is made large since it will not only be the floor of the booth but also a terrace. Width and length are taken taking into account the size of the dog. Waterproofing between blocks and wood is done with film. Then a board is hammered onto the beam. The ends of the platform are covered with slats.

A simple booth with a pitched roof is assembled on top of the terrace. A sheathing of timber is placed on it. Then polystyrene foam is placed in it. The booth itself is also installed on a polystyrene foam base.

The insulation is covered with a clapboard on top. The booth is screwed through the bottom with self-tapping screws to the terrace.

To protect from the wind, a wall is assembled from a clapboard at the rear wall of the terrace. Then the roof frame, which is common with the terrace, is knocked down. A board is attached to it.

The booth with a terrace is covered with corrugated sheeting. Then the ends of the roof are covered with a decorative corner.

The junctions of the lining on the booth are masked with a strip.

Then you need to lay a warm infrared film floor on the floor of the booth. A thermostat with WiFi control is installed in the house.

Using long wires, you need to lay a temperature sensor and power supply from the thermostat.

The wires can be hidden in the trench in a cheap plastic pipe.

The film is laid on a laminate backing. Terminal blocks with wires are connected to them. A temperature probe is placed under the film. Then you can lay laminate scraps or other more durable material on top.

After this, all that remains is to make a transparent PVC curtain from strips.

It is screwed over the entrance to the booth. The curtain will reduce heat loss, and at the same time will not interfere with the penetration of light. Thus, the dog receives a warm, dry home, the temperature which you can regulate from your smartphone, even when you are hundreds of kilometers away.

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