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How to make wall lamps from PVC pipe.

I will show you how to make wall lights (spots) from PVC pipes. These are very stylish and simple lamps and anyone can make them.

Tools and materials

To make it you will need several things:

  • PVC pipes D-50mm.
  • Ventilation grille D-50mm.
  • LED lights.
  • A can of black paint.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Hacksaw.
  • Screwdriver.

Making lamps from PVC pipes with your own hands

I used PVC pipes and LED spotlights.

To insert the lamp into the pipe, you need to cut off the protruding “ears”. The lamps are a little smaller than the pipe, so I had to make spacer rings.

I sawed off the ring from the pipe with a hacksaw.

Then I cut out a small section with a utility knife. Thus, I ended up with a spacer ring of a smaller diameter.

Together with the ring, the lamp is securely fixed inside the pipe.

I made the legs for the spots from wood. Attached to the pipe using hot glue.

When the glue has hardened, I cut off the remains.

And I drill holes for electrical wiring.

For decoration I used a ventilation grill. It will not prevent hot air from escaping from the lamp.

I trim the edges with metal scissors and clean them with sandpaper.

Now the grille fits perfectly.

All that remains is to paint the spots and wait until the paint dries.

I connected the wires to the light bulb using quick connectors.

I insert the light bulb with the spacer ring into the pipes and the lamp is ready!

When I made a feature wall out of wood slats, I used the same piece of wood that I used for my lamp base. Therefore, the lamps are ideally attached between decorative slats, and due to their low weight, they hold securely and do not fall out. Thus, the lamps can be adjusted in height.

Use only 3 watt bulbs. They do not get very hot and cannot melt the PVC pipe.

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