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How to open a silicone tube correctly to get the job done efficiently

Many craftsmen and builders are not even aware of this trick, which significantly improves the quality of your repairs. For example, you need to apply silicone caulk to a corner gap between two surfaces to seal. If you open a tube of silicone as usual and cut at a right angle, the sealant will simply lie on the surface when applied, and there will be an empty surface underneath even when smoothed. Such a seam will have minimal service and will soon either swell because it will simply come off.

If you open the tube like a pro, as I will show below, then when the composition is squeezed out, the sealant under pressure will penetrate into the crack and fill all its voids. Naturally, the durability of such a seam is several times higher.

Opening the tube correctly

Typically, tubes are sold with nozzles that either have a hole with a cap or are tightly sealed. Take a construction knife and cut the nose at 45 degrees.

We cut off the sharp edges on both sides.

And cut off the tip a little.

Almost done. To make it perfect, rub the nose to the surface by hand.

A few movements and the nose got used to it as it should.

Now you can try applying at least glue or sealant to the corner seams.

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