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How to remove glass from a PVC window

There are times when it is necessary to remove a double-glaze from a plastic window, for example, to wash it on the back side, or to gain access to the slopes, ebb, or air conditioning unit on the facade. Removing the glass itself is not a problem; removing the glazing beads that hold it in place is difficult. Let’s consider how and with what to dismantle them.

What you will need:

  • Cheap spatula 100 mm;
  • grinder with a cutting disc.

The process of dismantling glazing beads

You can carefully remove the glazing beads with a special homemade tool. This is an ordinary spatula, the blade of which is shortened with a grinder and sharpened. This tool is made in 2 minutes.

Next, we select any glazing bead, and in the middle, we drive the blade of the spatula between it and the frame.

The tool must first be inserted with a corner, and then completely aligned in the slot.

After this, the blade is taken at a break, and the glazing bead is removed from the frame.

Then it is rearranged further until it can be snapped along its entire length.

It is removed towards the opposite bead.

The next glazing bead must be pryed from the open corner. It will be much easier. The remaining two are removed similarly from the corner. After this, the loose glass unit can be easily removed from the frame. Be sure to label the glazing beads when disassembling them so that later when reassembling you do not confuse the left with the right or the top with the bottom. Otherwise, they will not fit as perfectly as before without gaps at the corners.

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