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How to switch plastic windows to winter mode

Before the onset of winter cold, plastic windows must be switched from summer to winter mode, otherwise, cold air will penetrate the room through the gaps between the sash and the frame. Previously, windows were insulated with linen tow, the cracks were plugged with cotton wool, and the top was sealed with paper. It was labor-intensive and did not always bring the desired result.

Summer mode, when the outside temperature is above zero around the clock, is characterized by a slight pressing force on the sash against the frame, which, moreover, ensures less wear on the sealing rubber and extends its service life.

How to switch plastic windows from summer to winter mode

To switch plastic windows to winter mode, open the sashes and find eccentric locking pins along their perimeter. They are usually located at the top, bottom, and center of the sash.

Next, using a hex key, you need to turn the eccentric locking pins located around the perimeter of the sash clockwise so that the marks in the form of marks on them are directed towards the room.

We check the tightness of the sash closure using a regular sheet of writing paper. We alternately clamp the paper sheet at the top, bottom, and center, and try to pull the sheet out. If the sheet does not stretch out or is pulled out with difficulty, then the sash is closed tightly enough and the cold will not penetrate the room through the cracks between the sash and the frame.

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