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How to unscrew a licked screw

This is a very common problem when the slots for a screwdriver grind off on a screw, screw, or self-tapping screw. This can happen for various reasons: the screwdriver was chosen incorrectly, the force was applied incorrectly, etc. As a result, it would seem that the situation is almost hopeless and you will have to put in a lot of effort to unscrew, for example, a screw with licked edges.
It’s not always as difficult as it might seem. I will show you a very simple way to remove a worn-out self-tapping screw. And for this, you will not need absolutely any sophisticated materials or tools.

A simple way to unscrew a licked screw

All you need is a small piece of rubber or rubberized material. Suitable: medical tourniquet, rubber from a bicycle or car inner tube, rubber ball, etc.
Cut out a small rectangle from what you have. Place it on top of the licked screw. We rest against it with a screwdriver and slowly begin to unscrew it.

Yes, it’s that simple! The main thing is to direct more force to apply pressure from above onto the self-tapping screw.

After a few turns, edges can be imprinted in the rubber band and the screwdriver will begin to twist. To do this, transfer the rubber band to a new surface and continue unscrewing the screw further.
I did this with a harness and a bicycle tube folded in half. The result is excellent, everything unscrews without problems.

This was the easiest way to unscrew a licked screw without using a drill or other tricky devices. Also the fastest. So friends, take this advice into account.

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