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Instead of a fence: 7 ways to make your summer cottage more private

We plant thujas, use old doors, or hang curtains – our selection includes budget ideas for replacing expensive metal or stone fences.

1. Plant a fence of thujas

Depending on how much you want to close yourself off from the outside world and neighbors, choose the height of the thuja and measure the step – the distance that you will leave between the trees. The advantage of this choice is that thuja is classified as an evergreen, which means it will delight you with its greenery even out of season. This is not to say that it will cost very little – if you need an already mature thuja, then it will cost quite a lot. But seedlings about a meter in height can be cheap.

2. Protect a separate area with curtains

An option for those who do not have a high fence, but want to fence off a separate area in their garden – for example, a gazebo, a summer kitchen, or just a corner where you plan to put garden furniture and take a break from the hustle and bustle.

To have somewhere to hang the curtains, you need to make a frame – from wooden beams or metal. Whether you take on the task yourself or make a frame to order—the decision is yours. But if you have the tools and free time, making wooden supports will not be difficult. 

3. Make fences from flowers

Choose tall pots for planting decorative flowers – they can replace flower beds in your dacha. It is quite practical and convenient. By the way, it is quite possible to make wooden tubs with your own hands. 

4. Recycle unnecessary pallets

The idea of ​​reusing pallets is not new. And you don’t need to think that it will turn out ugly – the pallets can be painted, or used as part of a fence – attached to metal supports. 

5. Use chain-link mesh 

Budget-friendly, but not very aesthetically pleasing – yes, let’s be honest. A chain link fence rarely looks beautiful. But you can decorate it with flower pots or simply plant vertical gardening, which will also help hide the area from prying eyes .

6. Make a wooden screen

Wooden mesh, which is usually used for the walls of a gazebo, can be used in another way – to close private areas, for example, on the veranda of a country house. 

7. Use old doors

The second life of old things is something that fully corresponds to the ideas of reasonable consumption, and also significantly saves the budget. If you are in favor, we suggest implementing this idea of ​​​​a screen from several old doors. They can be updated – for example, painted to give a more presentable look. A good idea for an authentic cottage interior and landscape design of the site. 

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