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Proper Lubrication of the Brush Cutter Reduction Gear

A brush cutter, like any other mechanism, requires regular lubrication and the more intensively it is used, the more often this operation should be carried out to ensure normal functioning and prolong the life of the trimmer.

How to lubricate the reduction gear of a brush cutter

To lubricate the reduction gear, unscrew the hexagon from its housing and apply lubricant into the opened hole.

But when the reduction gear is not removed from the rod, getting lubricant into it becomes problematic due to the air inside the gearbox and rod, which has nowhere to go.

To prevent air from interfering with the lubrication of the reduction gear, slightly unscrew the fixing hexagon, then the clamp nut, and remove the reduction gear from the rod. By the way, the passport of the brush cutter states that the reduction gear and the shaft running along the rod must be lubricated every 15 operating hours of this tool.

To lubricate the reduction gear, special lubricants for reduction gear that have a thread on the spout are suitable, and the tube can be screwed into the hole and immediately squeeze the lubricant into the reduction gear.

To supply lubricant we will use a 20 cc medical syringe, which we fill with lubricant, and then squeeze into the reduction gear.

The required amount of lubricant is determined by the moment when it begins to exit through the hole in the bearing on which the end of the drive shaft inside the rod rests.

We rotate the reduction gear shaft several times to distribute the lubricant through the gears and again add a certain amount of lubricant. This completes the lubrication of the gearbox. You can tighten the hexagon that closes the lubrication hole in the reduction gear housing.

We pull the drive shaft out of the rod, inspect the splines and, if necessary, lubricate the shaft along its entire length, including the splines, since it must not be allowed to dry out, since it rotates in the support bushings located inside the rod. Lack of lubrication causes the bushings to wear out, which causes vibration when the trimmer operates.

The upper reduction gear does not require additional lubrication, since it has a sealed bearing and the factory lubrication is enough for the entire service life of the brush cutter. We put the reduction gear on the rod, use the locking hexagon to set it in place, and tighten the clamp nut. Reduction gear lubrication is complete.

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