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7 myths about the operation of air conditioners that it’s time to dispel

Do you think that air conditioning is expensive, is fraught with colds, and can be tolerated? Denying yourself a comfortable temperature and clean air at home? Together with the manufacturer of innovative split systems, Haier, we tell you why all these misconceptions are long outdated.

Comfortable temperature and clean air become important elements of a thoughtful interior, along with the visual part. After all, what is beauty without convenience? And air conditioning provides a comfortable environment in which it is pleasant to be. However, many are still captive of stereotypes about them – and refuse to install split systems. Completely in vain! We dispel all the myths about air conditioning that are stopping you from reaching a new level of comfort. 

1. Blows and causes colds

It is believed that air conditioning can make you sick – the cold air supposedly penetrates right through and immediately turns into illness.

In fact:  the air conditioner can be safely installed in an apartment without worrying about possible colds. It is equipped with a presence sensor that determines the position of a person in space. In the “away” mode, the system will automatically direct the airflow away from you – no risk of catching a cold. Thanks to technology, you can safely hang an air conditioner even in a child’s room. If, on the contrary, you often feel too hot, choose the “self” mode – the same sensor will “find” you in the room and cool the space around you.

2. Open only in summer

The generally accepted opinion is that an air conditioner is designed to cool the air. If it is hot only in the summer, and even then not for 3 months in a row, then the rest of the time it sits idle, bringing no benefit.

In fact: a split system can do much more than just provide coolness on hot days. It can be used almost all year round. For example, in the off-season – when the heating has not yet been turned on, or in winter – when any problems arise with the batteries and you need to warm up. It can be turned on for heating when the thermometer drops down to -25 degrees outside. You won’t have to wrap yourself in sweaters, and various additional units such as heaters will not take up space on the floor.

3. Only needed for cooling

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that air conditioners are only about cooling. The high prices for such narrowly targeted equipment seem unjustified. And you can endure the heat.

In fact: we have already noted that in addition to coolness, a split installation can also provide warmth, depending on weather and seasonal conditions. But heating is just one of the additional functions. Firstly, some models are equipped with a powerful UV lamp that operates in the C-band and effectively purifies the air. Long light waves in this range destroy the cells of harmful microorganisms in the air, and they do not harm health. Secondly, the lamp’s assistant is a NANO-AQUA generator – an air ionizer. The ionized molecules distributed by the generator block the spread of viruses and create a feeling of freshness in the air. It collects moisture particles from the air, making it cooler and fresher. Clean air at home is guaranteed! At the same time, headaches or other ailments may disappear, and sleep will become more pleasant and sound.

Air conditioners are available in different capacities: for rooms of 25, 35, 50, and 70 square meters. They can also be used in a multi-split system format: connect from 2 to 5 indoor units to one outdoor unit.

4. Constant expenses for professional cleaning of equipment are inevitable

For long and proper operation, household appliances need to be serviced. It is believed that an air conditioner is one of the most capricious and demanding units, and the cost of cleaning can exceed its cost.

The reality: maintenance is essential. But what if technology does it? It sounds surprising, but some models range is equipped with self-cleaning technology – 30 minutes is enough to sterilize the air conditioner unit. You just need to turn on the special mode. In addition, the split system is protected from corrosion. This is especially important if you live in coastal areas (with high humidity, and salt-saturated air) or industrial areas (with possible acidic impurities). All elements of the unit are protected with special anti-corrosion coatings: heat exchanger, plate, and copper tubes. As a result, the risk of refrigerant leaks and other problems is minimized, and there is no need to spend money on repairs.

5. Pollutes the air

Another popular misconception is that dust, dirt, and pathogenic particles accumulate inside the unit. The air becomes polluted, harmful, and unpleasant.

In fact: the already mentioned cleaning technology is responsible for cleaning the heat exchanger of everything that can accumulate during operation. The surfaces of the indoor and outdoor units are first frozen, and then, during defrosting, all accumulated dust, dirt, and wool are washed off from them and removed along with condensate through the drainage hole.

Next, the air conditioner goes through a sterilization stage. Steri Clean technology is responsible for it – the heat exchanger heats up to +56 degrees and lasts for 30 minutes. During this time, all harmful bacteria accumulated inside the block die.

6. Looks bad and spoils the interior

A massive indoor unit with a utilitarian design disrupts the overall beautiful picture of the interior and immediately catches the eye.

In fact: the air conditioner is presented in a modern form factor with a streamlined silhouette and a modern display. It will delicately complement the interior in any style and will not draw attention to itself. In addition to white, the palette includes black and champagne. The black indoor unit is suitable for interiors in dark colors, lofts, or minimalist styles. The noble color of champagne will be appropriate whereas white would look too contrasting against the background of the decoration. It will also look neat in classic, neoclassical, Art Deco styles or if there are golden decorative elements.

7. Difficult to control and adjust modes

Air conditioners have come into common use not so long ago, so some users may still find them difficult to control. Various modes, incomprehensible technologies, and complex control panel interface.

In fact: modern technology is user-friendly. Manufacturers are doing everything to make it as easy as possible for owners to use the split system and at the same time unlock its full potential for them. The air conditioner is intuitively controlled by the voice assistant compatible with several brands.

You can also control the air conditioner through the application using Wi-Fi – adjust the temperature, turn equipment on and off, and change modes. For example, on your way home from work, you can turn on the cooling in advance so you can come to a nice, comfortable apartment and not have to wait for the air to cool down. Or suddenly you forgot to turn off the split when you left for the weekend? With the app, you can do this while on the road, without worrying that some kind of breakdown will occur while you are away.

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