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Kitchen of the future: 7 things you can’t do without in a modern kitchen

In the future, robots will do the cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. In the meantime, we only have smart technology. We tell you what tasks you can entrust to it.

It would be great to delegate cooking and cleaning to robots. Full-fledged kitchen assistants capable of both preparing and serving breakfast in bed have not yet been invented. But with modern technology, you can spend much less time in the kitchen. We tell you what is already available. 

Clean water – and no plastic bottles 

To ensure there is always clean water in your home, you can install a filtration system under the sink. The cooler will provide not only clean but also the required temperature. But it does not decorate the interior. And plastic bottles need to be stored somewhere. 

In the future, coolers and electric kettles will disappear. Purifiers will be used instead. This is a system that filters and heats or cools tap water. May look like a small tabletop cooler or a series of additional taps. Some purifiers even know how to carbonate water. If you often order soda in plastic, switch to a purifier. The planet will thank you. 

A stove that bakes pies itself 

As it was before? Chop the wood, knead the dough, light the stove… It’s a little easier for us than for our grandmothers. But homemade buns and pizza still take a lot of time. You need to wait until the dough defrosts and the oven warms up. And then carefully monitor the cooking process, periodically increasing or decreasing the temperature. 

Real Italian pizza and focaccia can be prepared with the press of one button now. Its vaulted shape is reminiscent of classic wood-fired ovens, in which baked goods acquire a delicious crispy crust while remaining soft inside. 

In the spacious vaulted oven, not only baked goods will turn out delicious. 

  • With a built-in temperature probe, you’ll never dry out your meat or poultry. 
  • The Gratin function will give delicate casseroles a golden brown crust. 

All these dishes can be prepared at the same time: 5 levels and a capacity of 77 liters give you plenty of space for culinary experiments before a dinner party. You can be confident in the result: everything will be baked evenly on each level. 

This is the technology of the future, protecting people from every day worries. You won’t have to deal with her anymore: 

  • Wait a long time for the oven to warm up. The fast heat function will bring it to 200 degrees in less than 5 minutes. You only have time to spread the filling on the dough. By the way, you can also defrost it in the chamber. 
  • Select the cooking temperature and think if it’s time to take out the baking sheet. It will adjust the time and heating mode independently. The AutoBake feature includes ready-made recipes. Choose the name of the dish, set the weight, and go about your business. The oven will automatically change heat settings and turn off when ready. The multi-layer door remains cool on the outside, even if the chamber is heated to maximum. 

The oven has special hinges installed on the door, making opening simple and almost silent. And telescopic guides allow you to instantly pull out a heavy baking sheet. You’ll appreciate being able to open the oven and slide out the rack with just a touch of your hand. But there is no need to tell children about this advantage. 

An oven that cleans itself 

Do you like to come up with your recipes and don’t want to delegate the choice of modes to smart household appliances? To clean up after your culinary experiments. You probably don’t like scrubbing down an oven cavity that’s splattered with grease and oil. The pyrolytic cleaning function will help you forget about this. It starts with the press of one button and burns out all the dirt on the walls and ceilings. The sticky fat turns into a light, dry ash that can be easily collected with a cloth once the oven has cooled and opened. 

Garbage you don’t need to throw away 

A high-tech kitchen can look like a galley on a future spaceship. But the smell of a trash can will quickly bring you back to the present. A waste shredder installed under the sink will help you forget about unpleasant odors. Throw banana and potato peels and leftovers from plates directly into the drain. Huge knives will grind them into dust and push them into the sewer. There is no place for dirty buckets and unpleasant odors in the future! 

A tabletop that repairs itself 

Nanomaterials are needed not only by scientists but also by housewives who are tired of dealing with drops and scratches on countertops. 

  • Imagine a work surface that is free from fingerprints and spills. They evaporate without a trace, eliminating the need to clean up. 
  • There will be no bubbles from hot pans: the material can withstand heating up to 200 degrees. 
  • A small scratch on the surface will be completely healed if you iron it with a hot iron through a damp cloth. 

Such nanomaterials are no longer fiction, but reality. But get ready for big expenses. An innovative tabletop is 3-4 times more expensive than conventional plastic. 

Work surfaces subject to hand movement 

Back in 2016, the Italian design studio presented the concept of a smart countertop. It appears as a smooth coal-black surface. But as soon as the owner waves his hand, a recessed shell appears in it. By placing a bowl on the table, you can find out how much the food weighs. And when you put your smartphone down, charge the battery. 

Designers have not yet been able to find manufacturers ready to launch smart countertops into mass production. But you can already buy several models that don’t know how to weigh food or charge phones. But cooking with it is much easier and more convenient. What does the future of your kitchen look like?  

  • There are no buttons or knobs. Instead, there is a flat control panel directly below the heating zone. To set the cooking temperature, just move your hand along the slider line. 
  • No fixed burners. It is convenient to cook both in small ladles and in huge saucepans. To heat the bottom evenly, combine two burners vertically into one large zone. 
  • The water boils almost instantly. With the PowerBoost function, dinner will be ready 2 times faster. Increased power on one of the burners will allow you to boil 2 liters of water in less than 6 minutes. Make sure you have time to prepare everything you plan to throw into boiling water. 
  • Technology from the future takes care of your safety. While the surface is hot, the warning indicator lights up. You don’t need to touch it with your finger to know if everything is cool enough to clean. And the lock button protects against accidental turning on of the stove by children. Click on it and no one will change your cooking program or turn on an empty hob. 

A spoon that tells you the weight of the food 

Measuring spoons won’t surprise anyone. Measuring spices or salt with them is quite simple. But you will have to accept an error of 1-2 grams. If you want to follow the recipe exactly, use a measuring spoon with an electronic display. It will show the result with several decimal places. And you don’t overdo it with salt or pepper. 

In a few decades, the kitchen will become a creative workshop. You will create and give commands, and smart technology will instantly execute them. You can be in the future now. 

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