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A quick way to install poles

It is quite possible to save time and effort when installing wooden poles if you resort to this simple technique. So, straight to the point, what is the trick? The usual, classic method involves digging a well, installing timber, and filling the empty cavity with a ready-made concrete solution. In a nutshell, of course.
What does the quick installation method mean? The fact is that preparing concrete takes a lot of time and effort. I suggest skipping these steps and preparing the composition directly in the well for installation. Look how it turns out to be no worse.

Will need

  • Cement-sand mixture. Everything is calculated individually. Usually, it takes from 1 to 3 bags per pole. The average bag is 25 kg, sold in any hardware store.

Installing a wooden pole in a quick way

In the beginning, everything is as usual: we dig a ditch about 1 meter deep. We put a stone or brick at the bottom, place, and level all the pillars in height.

For stability, we cover the beam on all sides with stones or fragments of brick.

We level everything on all planes.

And here is the use of a non-standard method: we take a watering hose with tap water and very generously water the voids in the well.

Open the bag with the cement-sand mixture and sprinkle it evenly on all sides of the post.

Before backfilling, I strongly recommend using a respirator or dust mask for construction workers. It is a good idea to wear safety glasses to prevent the mixture from getting into your eyes.
In these steps, you can correct the post if it has moved to the side.

Now again water the poured mixture very generously with water. There is no point in sparing water; the excess will still go into the ground.

Pour the second bag on top.

We also water very, very generously. There is no need to interfere with anything.

If you are not building a foundation, but a fence, then it would be a good idea to attach the guide with self-tapping screws.

After 12 hours, when everything has set and turned into stone, you need to make a small blind area, always above ground level.

If this is not done, rainwater will collect at the bottom and the timber will quickly rot.
We prepare a small amount of concrete and make a blind area for all the pillars at a time.

A very quick method will help you make a foundation for your summer gazebo or quickly install a fence.

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