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How to easily pull a pole out of the ground

This is a great way to remove the post along with the concrete base without much effort. This method can be quite suitable not only for wooden but also for steel poles. To save your strength and create a powerful pulling force, a car jack will be used.

We pull out the pillar along with the concrete base

We cut down the pillar, leaving it about a meter high. This, of course, is not necessary, but in the future, it will be more convenient to work with the part that will be removed from the ground.

Cut a block from the sawn part and drill two holes in it.

Use a clamp to temporarily attach the block to the post.

We will continue to drill the pillar itself through the same holes. Of course, everything can be drilled at once, but it may not be entirely convenient.

Next, we hammer in wood studs or long bolts.

We prepare a base for supporting the jacks from a thick board. The support should rest on free ground, at some distance from the concrete base.

We lay down the timber. It must be reliable and withstand significant forces without severe deflection.

We place the jack and rest it against the screwed block.

As the pillar comes out of the ground, we place blocks, since the jack’s stroke at one time is not enough.

We bring the jack together and repeat the procedure.

You can see the pillar coming out. Next, we add more bars.

As soon as more than half of the concrete base has come out of the ground, the pillar can be tilted on its side.

That’s all. It didn’t take a lot of time or effort.

After the pillar, there remains one fairly equal groove, which, by the way, can be reused.

As for steel structures, the steps are the same, except that instead of drilling bolts can be welded.

As you can see in this example, the concrete base has the shape of a cone, which greatly simplifies the task. If the base is made as a step with an increase towards the bottom, then this method is also quite suitable. Except that in this case the pole will have to be pulled out to the very end.

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