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Hang a lemon on the tap and you will be forever grateful

The usual routine cleaning of faucet screens from limescale is labor-intensive, painstaking, and time-consuming. But such work must be carried out periodically and more often, the harder the water in the water supply system.

To make it easier to care for the faucet screen, half a lemon will help, the pulp of which is pressed into its spout and left there for 1-2 hours.

To prevent the lemon from flying off the spout of the tap, we secure it with a pair of rubber rings.

During the specified time, lemon juice, which has a pronounced acidic nature, completely dissolves limescale and other deposits with an alkaline base that have formed on the mesh during its use.

We remove half a lemon from the spout of the water tap, open it briefly to wash out the resulting ingredients with a stream of water, and finally wipe the tap with a sponge soaked in water. At the same time, lemon juice removes all deposits from the metal parts of the faucet if you use a paper towel. After these procedures, the faucet and mesh shine and sparkle like new.

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