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How to use a utility knife to open a lock if you lose your keys

Open the lock with the blade of a stationery knife

The fatalism of losing the keys to a padlock can be eliminated with the help of an ordinary stationery knife, or rather, its segmented blade, which is first annealed in the flame of a lighter.

Then we bend the annealed blade in half with pliers slip the tip of the blade under the steel guide and slightly reduce the bending radius of the blade, carefully squeezing it with pliers. Be sure to use safety glasses.

We remove carbon deposits from the blade using a napkin, release the tip of the blade from the guide, and break it off at the very base. In the bending area of ​​the blade, we make 2 transverse notches symmetrically to the middle of the bend using metal scissors.

Then, from the ends of the bend of the blade, we cut off longitudinal strips with a width equal to the previously made transverse slots. Using pliers, we slightly increase the bending radius of the transverse protrusion on the blade.

Using the fragment obtained from the blade, we wrap it around the lock shackle from the side of the fixing element so that the protrusion falls into the gap between the lock body and the shackle from the inside and turn the fragment clockwise.

As a result, the transverse protrusion of the fragment, interacting with the locking element of the lock, releases the shackle and the lock easily opens.

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