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Retractable sockets: how they work, and why they are needed

Pull-out sockets are a must-have item in a modern kitchen. Unlike stationary electrical devices, the abundance of which does not at all decorate the interior, they are hidden in secluded places but are always at hand.

Household appliances make work in the kitchen easier and faster. It’s gratifying that there are more and more of them every day. Along with them, the number of vital sockets increases, and for simultaneous use. As practice shows, the number of such important devices included in the project over time begins to be insufficient.

A block of retractable sockets, which can be built into a kitchen countertop or wall cabinet, will help solve the problem. Here they are always at hand and ready to give “food” to any electrical appliance, freeing household members from wasting time looking for a free electrical device. Having completed various tasks in the kitchen, household members will only have to lightly press and press on the lid of the retractable device, and it will again be hidden from view. This mobile equipment is a successful replacement for classic extension cords, the use of which is not very convenient in the kitchen and beyond.

Manufacturers offer vertical and horizontal blocks of retractable sockets, equipped with a cable and plug for connection to the network. Each of the blocks can consist of several (from 2 to 5) sockets of different types: for household appliances, chargers, etc. 

The mechanism of operation of the retractable socket

When choosing a specific model of a retractable unit, you should think about the number of sockets and decide on the types of connectors for connecting gadgets and household appliances. Then estimate their total power when connected simultaneously and be sure to select a device with a power reserve. 

It is worth paying attention to the device manufacturer. It’s hardly worth pursuing cheapness. The products of European companies are more practical, more reliable, and safer to use.

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