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Thermal insulation for sauna – specially designed stone wool

Thermal insulation slabs made of stone wool, specially designed for wall structures of saunas and bath houses.

Conditions for using the material- up to 200C. Sauna Butt plates maintain a stable temperature inside a steam room, reliably retaining heat in a bathhouse or sauna. Like all materials based on stone wool, the new product is characterized by durability (material density- 40kg/m), fire safety (G1. Fire hazard class KM1), energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. In addition to high thermal insulation characteristics (thermal conductivity- 0.036W/(mK), “Sauna Butts” provides the opportunity for convenient and easy installation, since each plate measures 1000x600x50/100mm and has a foil top layer that solves the problem of vapor barrier. Thus, for effective thermal insulation of external walls it is necessary to lay a layer of Light Butts Scandic insulation with a thickness of 50 or 100mm (depending on the wall design and region) and Sauna Butts slabs with a thickness of 50mm, glue the seams with aluminum tape and begin finishing the wall. If we are talking about installing an internal partition- it is enough to install only Sauna Butts slabs with a thickness of 50mm.

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